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11 Doors

The true story of 11 Doors is a curious one…

Look out for an actual door popping up in St Austell town centre, revealing Anna Murphy’s tale ‘11 Doors – a story of dirt and washing’.  See the story come to life with  dancers Rob and Suzie,  combining music, dance and that famous 11th Door.  Music composed by Jim Carey.

This performance was commissioned by Kneehigh Theatre for their Random Acts of Art programme where it was performed over several weeks in Charlestown to the visitors there and providing some magic to families in the park, individuals living on their own, hikers and dog walkers and group of young friends.

In this blog post documenting the experiences of making Random Acts of Art for Kneehigh, Suzie says:

Rob’s family are from Charlestown. In fact his Grandad’s ship mast is used to prop up the entrance to the Rashleigh. We wanted to find a story that connected Rob to his ancestral roots. Something about the people that lived there. Anna’s story of 11 Doors was perfect and that was our starting point. We just loved the generosity and kindness that the sailor and Eliza find in their friendship. It’s a story of rewriting yourself.

Who is performing 11 Doors?

Rob  Mennear – Choreographer & Dancer

Rob Mennear trained at The Place (London Contemporary Dance School). He has performed both nationally and internationally with Ijad Dance Company, EDge, Jose Vidal, Ffin Dance and Cscape, amongst others. Rob is a well accomplished practitioner and choreographer throughout the South West with his engagement in education, community and professional practice. He is the founder of All Boys Dance and the Co-Artistic Director of Hall For Cornwall Youth Dance Company. Rob values working in collaboration with musicians, filmmakers, designers and dramaturg’s, to support his growing journey into the wider fields of visual art.

Suzie West – Producer & Performer

Suzie West is a dancer who loves performing outside. Since training in Dance and Theatre  at Roehampton University, she has been teaching and building community projects for 16years.  Suzie works across Cornwall and Devon to deliver community projects that celebrate places and community spirit. She is also working in Truro as the co-ordinator for Tyller A Nerth, a group of people and places in the city that are passionate about creativity and culture for everyone.

Photo credits Steve Tanner

Live Music and Performance at the Whitegold Festival
Live Music and Performance at the Whitegold Festival
Live Music and Performance at the Whitegold Festival
Live Music and Performance at the Whitegold Festival
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