It is with immense pride that I present an update of our cultural programme to deliver sustainable economic growth to St Austell and its hinterland.

The St Austell area talks with one voice. We are imagining the future and working together to realise this dream. Many individuals and organisations are involved in the plans that are laid out in the following pages.

Our group came together some four years ago and has grown in number, passion and success since then. My sincere thanks go to everyone involved in bringing us to where we are today.

I am in the happy position that the sheer number of people involved now makes it impossible to credit everyone who helps by name; they come from all sectors and industries and all geographical areas within our region.

We have two successful Whitegold Festivals behind us, a website launched and ever- growing relationships in the garden and ceramic worlds.

St Austell Bay Economic Forum is rising to the challenge of a post-Brexit Cornwall. We recognise that EU funding is now a thing of the past and that as a county we must adjust to this new reality.

The Cornish entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well and we intend to harness this spirit into the future; recognising that a critical success factor is to implement sustainable business models in each of our projects.

There is still much to do. Our plans are ambitious and will require vision and determination to realise them. This document is a call to action to you, the reader. We ask you to support us, get involved, spread the word and be part of the exciting future of our area.

Fresh green futures

To create a sense of a fresh start, St Austell Bay Economic Forum has been working with placemaking consultants thinkingplace to rebrand St Austell. Together we have created a look and feel that shows how the St Austell area is special and competitive. This will help us develop a new story that every organisation and individual across the area is part of, and feels able to tell.

The story will help give us focus, ensure we play to our strengths and that we grasp the opportunities that are in front of us. The work identified three key themes, namely Green Horizons, Igniting Bright Sparks and Naturally Active, which describe the essence of St Austell. They will guide how we develop our offer through the way we communicate, what we build, and the environment we create.

By 2030 St Austell and its hinterland will be celebrated as a green and ceramic cultural centre, as a place of innovation and an active theatre.

Green Horizons

We will bring colour and creativity to the urban core with installations inspired by our surroundings and our collaborations with our partners; innovative ideas that marry ceramics and planting to create a world-first showcase for local and international talent. We will initiate garden twinning on a global level.

Igniting bright sparks

St Austell’s future is in high-tech, high- value businesses. For our community to prosper and thrive the area must attract and retain young people which means thinking very differently about what will drive the economy and the sort of people who will do this.

Naturally active

Together with the existing landscape and attractions, St Austell will be home to a range of sports and leisure activities.

A Vision for St Austell Bay and China Clay

For the last two years, SABEF has been working on a vision for the area. A programme of works that will create a new USP, improve the public realm, offer the chance to acquire or improve skills, support existing tourism businesses, extend the tourist season and attract inward investment.

We aim to turn the St Austell area into a vast garden featuring stunning ceramic artwork.

Alongside our local gardens and artists, we will transform the St Austell area through a programme of cultural initiatives. We have a vision to draw together the Great Gardens located near St Austell (Pinetum Gardens, Caerhays, Trewithen, Heligan and the Eden Project) with ceramic arts to create an urban parkscape across the town and beyond. From giant ceramic exhibits to wildflower corridors, and an annual programme of events and activities we have the opportunity to change the way in which St Austell is perceived locally, nationally and internationally.

Using ceramics and horticulture to create public art installations will raise the quality of the built environment and public spaces across the area. China clay – the material that transformed St Austell’s fortunes will be used to create statues, carvings, engravings, paving designs, mosaics, street furniture that will sit next to planting schemes curated by some of the UK’s most popular gardens.

Two annual festivals on these themes, The Garden Festival in May and Whitegold Festival in September, will provide an improved sense of place, and community pride, and will complement these permanent exhibitions.

This vision for the area will enhance the landscape, transform spaces and stimulate economic growth by attracting new visitors, new investment and make the area an attractive place to live and work.

This website would not have been possible without the help and generosity of the local businesses and entrepueners of St Austell and the surrounding area. Their generosity is greatly appreciated, and will help make St Austell an amazing place for generations to come!

Website Founding Members

The following businesses and organisations have supported the St Austell website project from its inception and without their generosity and backing, this would not have been possible.

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