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In 2016 the Whitegold Project was set up by a small group of ceramicists and dedicated locals who live amongst the china clay pits of St Austell. Proud of a amazing heritage, and wanting to see a better future for the area, this group of artists, business people and others wanted to make something different from the clay – a sustainable, creative and resilient place where people wanted to live, work and visit.

Now it is part of Austell Ceramic, a major programme of creative projects working collaboratively across all of the Austell Project strands – greening, innovation and activity. Austell Ceramic is about engaging, educating and inspiring people to get involved with clay and ceramics and celebrating the town’s clay culture, and its global connections.

Our ambition is to see if we can turn the centre of St Austell into a giant cultural site where whole streets are festooned with art and design, made of clay, or about clay, that add to St Austell’s sense of place. We want St Austell to become a hub where people can learn ceramic art skills and become inspired. A place where all sorts of creatives set up galleries, play music, design games, write books and more…

The first step we have taken is by creating opportunities for local people to work with clay, and to tell their own stories about clay. We want young people, all people, to feel pride in St Austell and to build their future here.

The second step has been to invite established and emerging artists from Cornwall, from Stoke on Trent, and from all over the world to St Austell to make work and share their skills, leaving behind a legacy of publicly accessible work for all.

Parasite Projects | David Mach | Marion Brandis | Matt Davis | Sandy Brown | Cleo Mussi | Susan Elliott | Jenny Beavan | Simon Bayliss | Studio HOT.Mess | Paul Jackson | Georgia Gendall | Robin Sullivan | Neil Brownsword | Rosanna Martin | Tana West | Clayground Collective | Francesca Anfossi | Grizedale Arts | The Portland Inn Project

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