Caerloggas Downs

This walk takes you around a restored clay spoil heap and offers panoramic views of the area’s clay tips, surrounding countryside and St Austell bay.

Distance: 1.7 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate. Not Suitable For Wheelchairs Or Pushchairs Due To Uneven Ground And Steep Hills
Parking: Two Small Car Park.

Great for Dog walking and getting panoramic views.

Shortly after you turn off the A391 for Caerloggas Downs, you’ll find a car park. Pull up and leave your car here, alternatively you can continue driving up the road to a second car park, for a shorter walk, but we start from the bottom.

Make your way up the road, but be mindful that there may be traffic coming in both directions as people access the second car park.

Once you’re through the gate – or over the cattle grid – you can choose to go either left, through another gate, or straight on up the road. For the full walk, go through the gate and continue along the narrow path.

This stretch can get very wet and muddy after bad weather so wearing sensible walking shoes is advised.

As the path widens, look to your left and you will see Stenalees and miles of beautiful countryside ahead. Continue on the path and you’ll soon catch views of the Bay and Gribbin Head.

As the path starts to come to an end, turn the natural corner and go up the hill. Once at the top, you’ll reach the second car park. Here, you can take the left hand side path, continue straight ahead or take the path to the right. They all go in the same direction, but give varying lengths of walk.

Take the left hand side path and continue forwards, you’ll soon be rewarded with excellent views of the Sky Tip and even better views of the Bay. Continue on and as the path curves, you’ll find yourself in a big, open space. Take time to pause here and enjoy panoramic views of the clay tips and coastline.

Follow the natural course of the path and you will begin to loop back towards the starting point. You’ll soon reach the road, continue down this and it will bring you straight back to the lower car park.

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