Ceramic Commissions


Collaboration and communities in art

The Austell Project are proud to have supported a brand new community ceramics hub – Flookan.

Built upon the aspirations of the next phase of the Austell Project, with the focus on transforming outdoor spaces, strengthening local community engagement with ceramic activities and facilitating the building of creative hubs in collaboration with existing educational and creative communities.

Our ambition is for St Austell to become a hub where people can learn ceramic art skills and be inspired and the journey has already begun.

The hub – Flookan, is an initiative by local artist Zenna Tagney. A Cornish artist making ceramic and mixed sculpture and who’s work with the Austell Project as part of the Brickfield team has been invaluable in the success of Brickfield.

A community ceramics hub – Flookan provides facilities to local ceramicists and artists working with clay, as well as workshops and community projects, inviting one and all to come and get stuck into clay!

“Flookan was born out of wanting somewhere local where I could make ceramics, connect with others and work in a collaborative and community focused way”.

Zenna Tagney

Set in the beautiful historic Market House at the centre of St Austell, the capital of Cornwall’s Clay Country, Flookan aims to excite people about ceramics both as a creative medium and as something with deep links to the culture, history, and industry of the local area.

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