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Spindrift Dance

SpinDrift Dance was co-founded by teachers and freelance performers Suzie West and Sam Dukes in 2010 to find new creative outlets for dance in education and the local artists surrounding it. Now directed by Suzie West, SpinDrift continues to enchorage collaboration, strongly connected dance ecologies and a focus on local creativity. “We strongly believe that we are stronger together and most productive when ideas bounce off each other.” 

Live performance and collaboration is at the heart of every project. We learn to create and innovate alongside the school, community or choreographer to bring education and current dance practice together. Suzie West’s research in aspirational pedagogy and Dance Creative Partnerships underpin the principles of their collaborations, learning experiences and performance opportunities. 

SpinDrift are resident at schools in Devon and Cornwall and have facilitated dance support packages for secondary and primary schools across the South West. With their unique knowledge of dance education SpinDrift have brought professional choreography platforms  and their artists to community colleges, created cross generation projects, delivered cross curricular festivals and produced many bespoke experiences for specialist groups of children and community groups.  

SpinDrift invite local dancers of all ages to perform and make with us. 
SpinDrift interweave current national and regional choreographers, film makers, photographers and musicians with dance and education.
SpinDrift celebrate real stories, memories, places and relationships that matter to the South West
SpinDrift learn , listen and innovate with our partners, communities and teachers  
SpinDrift curate and deliver high quality, accessible and  sustainable  dance experiences for educational settings and their surroundings

Spindrift performed at the Whitegold festival in 2019.

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