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Shipwreck Treasure Museum

Home to the Shipwreck Treasure Museum, Rebellion Roast House and Cocktail Bar and more besides – the Merchants of Charlestown has enough to keep you inspired, sated and excited about what might lie around the next corner.

When we took on the Shipwreck Treasure Museum in 2017 we did it because we had a feeling. About why this place existed, about the pioneers who created it, about what it represented.

We didn’t see just see 8,000 finds from 150 shipwrecks behind the museum’s glass walls.

We saw the people who sailed with those objects on the high seas, whose hopes and hardships and harrowing ends played out on the waves. Every object is in the museum is here because something went wrong. Disaster struck. Things were lost. Then years later, bravery abounded, some of those things were found and new things were revealed.

We felt the ambition, expertise and bravery of the dive teams hellbent on discovering every wreck’s remains, the painstaking fight to recover and preserve each piece as it deserved.

The Shipwreck Treasure Museum is not a collection of things. It is a collection of experiences that intrigue, challenge and inspire us.

And we wanted to share that feeling with you.

We want to take everyone who comes here on a journey and make the experience of exploring other worlds and possibilities as engaging as possible. So inside the Merchants of Charlestown building you’ll find the Shipwreck Treasure Museum, Charlestown Underground, shops and cafes.

We’re beginning to really bring the Merchants of Charlestown to life this year, with subtle changes to the Shipwreck Treasure Museum and its collections, with the development of Charlestown Underground and the opening of a new café run by the Rebellion team.

But there’s so much more to come. Stay posted on our social media channels to find out more as the transformation unfolds and we begin to challenge everything we all thought we knew about what treasure really means…

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