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The Friends of Luxulyan Valley

The ‘Friends of Luxulyan Valley‘ are a group concerned with the conservation of Luxulyan Valley. Established in 1997 the group has links with Cornwall Council and the Footpath Committees of Luxulyan and Lanlivery parishes.

They are also members of the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers and would welcome anyone interested in supporting their objectives:

  • Promote preservation and protection of the Luxulyan Valley.
  • Influence and assist in the management of the Luxulyan Valley.
  • Assist with and promote education and the history, natural history and other aspects of the Luxulyan Valley for all interested parties.

The group have many organised activities throughout the year including; indoor talks in Luxulyan, working parties, china clay and local area history talks and field trips in Cornwall. More details can be found on the events sections of their Facebook page.

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