St Austell Bay Economic Forum

The Austell Project has been created and is supported by SABEF – St Austell Bay Economic Forum – a group of local businesses, public bodies and community organisations promoting economic growth in the St Austell Bay area. The geographic area is covered from Lostwithiel in the East of the region to Indian Queens in the North, and Caerhays to the West.

SABEF is proud to act as the Coastal Community Team for the St Austell Bay area. We have a board of directors, who all give their time on a voluntary basis. Incorporated as a Community Interest Company in 2015, details can be found through Companies House, under St Austell Bay CIC.

In September 2018, via the Coastal Communities Fund, the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (MHCLG) awarded over £1million to fund SABEF’s bold vision to re-energise St Austell and the surrounding clay communities. A series of major horticultural and ceramic art installations at key strategic points around St Austell bay, 2 annual festivals, various community engagement projects and an international arts prize are amongst the project deliverables. It is envisaged that the project will create jobs, attract visitors and increase spend within the local economy.

Find out more about SABEF here.

To view the meeting papers https://sabef.co.uk/downloads/

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